It’s a RIoT— Sharing the Smart Way to Build Smart Products

Breadware is a proud member of RIoT, a collective of IoT companies from across the US striving to disrupt status quo through smart technologies.

Coming up on June 14th, Breadware is hosting a virtual Lunch & Learn with RIoT to discuss the “smart way” to go about building a custom smart product. From the intricacies of product design to the seemingly endless certification and testing requirements, there are numerous steps that can drag out a project’s timeline and budget. As an expert IoT firm trusted by startups and Fortune 500’s alike, our team has learned the tricks of the trade to get smart products across the finish line quickly and successfully.  We’ll be sharing some resources and strategies available to expedite the product development journey (without sacrificing product quality or security). Join us to learn how to rapidly iterate product functionality, breeze through certifications, and deliver a customized user experience that elevates your smart product on the market.

Stay tuned more information on how to sign up for this virtual event. In the meantime, check out this episode of In the KIoTchen featuring RIoT’s Executive Director, Tom Synder, for a conversation all about IoT and how it changes lives.