We Are Breadware

Breadware helps businesses successfully launch IoT technologies by creating smart solutions that deliver dramatically positive impacts. Beginning as a niche product development firm, we’ve now helped start-ups to Fortune 100 companies move their IoT products from concepts to market successes.

We believe in IoT

We believe that thoughtful, well-designed IoT products are a positive force in our lives, our communities, and our world. We exist to empower the innovators, the entrepreneurs, the business leaders to be successful in IoT and to make an impact for good.

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Breadware’s Origin Story

Frustrated at how costly and difficult it was to get a connected product to market, Breadware was founded in 2015 to be a conduit for businesses build and deploy IoT products with less pain.

Our first landlord was Virgil Elings, an entrepreneur known for commercializing atomic force microscopy. A bit eccentric, he used this Santa Ynez wine country mansion solely for storing part of his vintage motorcycle collection.

Elings offered to move the motorcycles so we could run the company and live there because one of our founders impressed him by machining a custom part for one of his motorcycles that he could no longer find.

As the company grew, HQ was moved to Reno to be part of the growing tech community.

Breadware was acquired by our longtime client, StoneAge, Inc., in spring of 2020, and acquired IoT software company, Medium One, at the beginning of 2022.

We at Breadware are on a mission to empower our clients to improve the world by helping them create simple, connected, and scalable IoT solutions.

Leading Product IoT Innovation

We help businesses to plan, build, and successfully launch IoT initiatives.