Breadware’s Origin Story

Frustrated at how costly and difficult it was to get a connected product to market, Breadware was founded in 2015 to be a conduit for businesses to build and deploy IoT products with less pain.

Our first landlord was Virgil Elings, an entrepreneur known for commercializing atomic force microscopy. A bit eccentric, he used this Santa Ynez wine country mansion solely for storing part of his vintage motorcycle collection.

Elings offered to move the motorcycles so we could run the company and live there because one of our founders impressed him by machining a custom part for one of his motorcycles that he could no longer find.

As the company grew, HQ was moved to Reno to be part of the growing tech community.

Breadware was acquired by our longtime client, StoneAge, Inc., in the spring of 2020, and acquired IoT software company, Medium One, at the beginning of 2022.

At Breadware, we are on a mission to empower our clients to improve the world by helping them create simple, connected, and scalable IoT solutions.

Bringing a Connected Product to Market Can Be Costly and Difficult

Breadware creates innovative smart products and connected solutions so businesses can achieve their goals and deliver dramatically positive impacts–without the added frustration.

Committed to Client Success

When you work with Breadware, our team will thoroughly investigate your product requirements to strategize the best plan for bringing your vision to life. Our expert engineering and design services, in-house products, and ready-to-use customizable software unite to build and deploy your IoT solution with ease.

Meet Breadware’s Leadership Team

Our team is on a mission to empower our clients to improve the world through simple, connected, and scalable IoT solutions.
Kerry Siggins

Breadware President Rudy Alexander
Rudy Alexander

Customer Success Team

Ryan Oddo
Product Manager

Breadware Assurance Promise

We do what it takes to help our clients solve hard problems and launch industry leading IoT enabled products.

Quality Design

We specialize in IoT. Our engineers have spent years building up robust design standards and best practices that reduce risk and improve reliability. You can trust us to help bring your vision to reality, as smoothly as possible.

Meeting Deliverables

We understand that budget and timeline are critical when launching IoT products . With hundreds of successful products in our portfolio, we provide detailed estimates and realistic timelines that you can use to plan your project. If plans change unexpectedly, we can help make tough decisions and adapt quickly to any challenge that comes our way.

Client Experience

We integrate seamlessly with your team. Whether it's a turnkey product design or support of an existing system, we can quickly analyze requirements and recommend the best course of action for your product. We are passionate about what we do and will work tirelessly until we ensure all deliverables are met.

Current Job Openings

Be part of something bigger with a team that is dedicated, committed, and fun. We employ the best people and inspire them to say, “Why would I work for anyone but Breadware?”