Premier User Interface for Smart Products

Ready to implement your IoT prototypes or products with ease? Our software provides a full-featured, white-label-ready IoT portal for any application. Connect your prototypes and production products to the cloud-based portal to easily access and visualize the data.
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Designed to Meet Your Needs:

Offer Subscription-Based Features to Your Customers

The Rise Data Intelligence Software and User Interface package allow you to quickly implement a modern, intuitive user experience for your product.



Get real-time visibility of product status and other key indicators


Remotely track, operate, and update products in your asset fleet


Create automated actions or notifications to mitigate issues before they arise




Share and personalize access to product data with certain users


Customized view into product status, maintenance indicators, and more

Actionable Analytics

Automatically pinpoint issues and contributing factors to quickly take action


Predictive Maintenance

Create Recurring Revenue

Provide customers hassle-free product care with service subscriptions

Minimize Downtime

Perform maintenance at the optimal time for product users

Save Time & Money

Coordinate services and shutdowns to prevent wasted time or resources


Sustainability Insights

Streamline Compliance

Track key metrics in customized dashboards for easy and accurate reporting

Improve Efficiency

Minimize energy use or resource waste

Reduce Emissions

Pinpoint areas for improvement with key operational analytics


Data Intelligence Cloud

A full-featured backend cloud that handles all device communication, real-time decisions, and scalable storage. Encompassing the latest in scalability and security, the platform can handle large-scale IoT deployments and any application decisions including AI.
  • Device Management
  • Flexible Device Data Mapping
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Real-time Workflows
  • Dashboarding
  • Data Storage
  • Prebuilt Workflows for a Complete IoT Application Out-of-the-box
  • Developer friendly: Python workflows, REST API, and MQTT

User Interface

An intuitive frontend, this is the web experience which provides visualization and alerts for the product data. The portal includes complete dashboards and other capabilities designed for immediate, easy deployment, or additional customization to meet your exact needs.
  • Customer Account Management
  • End Customer Facing Dashboards
  • Alerts and Reporting Engine
  • Customer Subscription Payment Collection (secured by
  • Mobile Web Friendly
  • GDPR Data Privacy Compliant
  • Prebuilt Dashboards for a Complete IoT Application Out-of-the-box
  • Developer Friendly: Customize with Angular and REST API

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