IOT Design and Consultant Services

Looking to develop a new idea, upgrade an existing device, or for some extra support on a current project? Breadware has the engineering expertise and resources to help your business plan, design and successfully launch IoT products.

Our expert engineers can also serve as an extension of your in-house team to support special projects.

Our Expertise

Electrical Engineering

As wireless communication specialists, our engineers can help you select the best technology for your product.

  • Cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LoRAWAN, and local radios
  • Digital, analog, and embedded system design

  • Power design and testing

  • Sensors

  • Schematic capture and PCB layout using Altium Designer

  • 3D circuit board models for mechanical fitment checks

  • EMC troubleshooting

Embedded Software/Firmware Development

Our senior firmware team will securely connect your product to the cloud and ensure that it runs as efficiently as possible.

  • C/C++ firmware development

  • Secure cloud connections using MQTTS

  • Linux Kernel applications

  • Assembly and related code updates

  • Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS)

  • Low power design to optimize battery life

  • Test fixture design

Complete Services

Feasibility Study

Do you see an opportunity, but aren’t sure how to approach the solution? We provide market research, competitor research, budget analyses, and technology evaluations to give you risk and ROI analyses to guide your proposed initiative.

Solutions Architecture

There are several technologies that need to be securely integrated into an IoT product –from sensors, to radios, to security stacks, to cloud platforms. We’ll prepare a solutions architecture that operates as a scaffold for each aspect of your IoT product to ensure that you have a complete project plan.


To validate technology selections and sensor capabilities, we use dev kits to build early-stage prototypes. Custom circuit boards are then manufactured to validate the hardware design and firmware development. This Beta prototype will look and function like the final product for use in field testing.

Certifications, Manufacturing, and Fulfillment

We ensure that your product gets the certifications it needs to get to market – whether that’s FCC or CE approval, or technology specific certifications like Cellular Carrier and Bluetooth Certification.

We’ll then help you work with the right manufacturers, supply chain vendors, and will oversee your initial sample runs through full production.

Ensuring Your Success, Step by Step

Breadware’s approach to developing leading IoT products can be understood in four steps: Product Definition, Alpha and Beta Prototypes, and New Product Introduction. This process ensures that your product is properly defined from the beginning of the project, the custom designs are thoroughly tested by our engineering team, and you find a manufacturing solution that fits your needs.

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Leading Product IoT Innovation

We help businesses to plan, build, and successfully launch IoT initiatives.