Episode 19: In the KIoTchen – How IoT Is Saving People from Unexpected Cold Showers and Sky-High Energy Costs

Guest: Jennifer Wathen, President of EDC Technologies

Episode in a Tweet: Delivering on-demand hot water to tenants, energy savings to building owners, and service efficiencies to contractors— this is one SMART IoT product.  

Quick Background:  

In this episode of In the KIoTchen, Kerry Siggins is joined by the President of EDC Technologies, Jennifer Wathen. EDC Technologies is the parent company of, SaveGas.com, an energy management technology for centralized hot water systems in large residential complexes, hotels, and other multi-unit buildings.  

Jennifer shares how SaveGas works to ensure tenants have adequate hot water while maximizing gas and electric savings for the building. Using IoT-enabled sensors that monitor every component of a centralized water system, SaveGas provides building managers and contractors with real-time and historical data to support massive energy savings, crucial maintenance tasks, and even to serve as legal records to help their customers win lawsuits. Kerry and Jennifer discuss how data from their respective IoT solutions enables streamlined problem-solving and reduced overhead costs not just for building and asset owners, but also to the contractors servicing their systems.