Episode 17: In The KIoTchen – Making Collaborative, Searchable, Cloud-Based Content Libraries a Reality


Phillipe Brodeur is the CEO and cofounder of Overcast, a video processing solution provider for enterprises and businesses in a wide range of industries. Phillipe is joined by his colleague, Luc Tomasino, a growth executive and advisor at Overcast.

Episode in a Tweet

What does a ballerina, a car, a college football player, a major marketing executive all have in common? Watch the episode to find out!

Quick Background

In this episode of In the KIoTchen, host Kerry Siggins is joined by Phillipe Brodeur, CEO and cofounder of Overcast, and his colleague, Luc Tomasino, a growth executive at Overcast. Phillipe and Luc tell us about the mission of Overcast to democratize the complex world of video production and management, making it easy enough for anyone to do. They explain how Overcast creates indexed, cloud-based content libraries containing their client’s video footage that had historically been stored across various local servers, hard drives, or DVDs. Kerry revels at the precise searchability, real-time collaboration, and content sharing that can happen all from within the cloud. Check out the episode to learn how Overcast is leveraging cloud technology to make quality video production easier, faster, and cheaper than ever before.