Episode 9: In the KIoTchen – How to SLICE the Time, Cost, and Risk of Custom IoT Projects ft. Clayton Stanfield


Clayton Stanfield is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Breadware. Prior to joining Breadware, Clayton spent over two decades managing client relationships and sales for brands including eBay, BMW and Mercedes. Clayton is a long-time Nevada resident who grew up in the Lake Tahoe area.

Episode in a Tweet

From circuit boards to software, this episode is all about the ways Breadware can help SLICE the time, cost, and risk associated with custom IoT projects.

Quick Background

In this episode of In the KIoTchen, host Kerry Siggins is joined by Breadware’s very own Director of Sales and Marketing, Clayton Stanfield. Clayton shares exciting news about Breadware’s new software and product integration, the Slice circuit board. Listen as they discuss how the Slice reduces the timeline for a custom IoT project by enabling cost-effective, customized prototypes.

Clayton highlights the pre-certified components built into the Slice that expedite the testing and prototyping phases of development. Sharing a glimmer of hope in today’s challenging supply chain environment, he also explains that the Slice is IN STOCK for immediate development. Lastly, Clayton and Kerry explain how the Slice is complemented by Breadware’s new software offering – a customizable, off-the-shelf data visualization platform. Dive into the kIoTchen and learn what’s next for Breadware in this special edition episode.