StoneAge Sentinel
Sentinel Automation Technology

The Brief

StoneAge is the global leader in high-pressure waterblast tools for industrial cleaning. Their tools are custom designed for applications like sewer pipes, chemical holding tanks, and large heat exchanges in facilities like Petro-Chemical refineries and nuclear power plants. As a leader in their industry, StoneAge has committed to automating their tools to increase performance and efficiency, while creating a safer environment for the operator.

The Challenge

The StoneAge Sentinel system is their latest evolution in automated cleaning tools for heat exchangers. StoneAge needed to have a wireless interface for the Sentinel Controller to be able to push critical firmware updates in the field and gather key performance metrics.

The Breadware Solution

Breadware was able to implement a wireless interface for the Sentinel controller that could perform in the harsh environments that this tool thrives in. Breadware was also able to guide StoneAge through the certifications process, and help them navigate the challenging world of supply chain shortages that we live in today.