Shine Bathroom

The Future Bathroom Is Here. Clean. Effortless. Chemical-Free.
Shine Bathroom
Automated Toilet Cleaner

The Brief

Shine Bathroom had one question: “How can we make the bathroom better?” Given that 1 in 5 toilets are currently leaking and wasting over 200,000 gallons of water – one of their key design principles was to make a device that was earth-friendly.

When they asked their audience what kind of “magic” they wanted their bathrooms to do, there was a resounding answer: “Clean itself!” With that in mind, the team needed to create a device that allowed for water conservation and enhance a user’s experience in the bathroom.

Similar to the functionality and design of a doctor’s stethoscope, the Shine bathroom assistant is to be simply clamped to the toilet’s water supply line to measure the vibrations of water pressure to measure the usage of the bathroom to give accurate readings for cleanings and leak detection.


The Challenge

It was important for the Shine Bathroom team to save water, make their device user-friendly, and include connectivity to assure the bathroom joins the rest of the 21st century. There were a lot of ideas in how to measure water pressure and leak detection, but the Shine team knew they needed to rapidly iterate their design to deliver their final product.

The Breadware Solution

Breadware was able to guide the Shine team to incorporate security as well as do a lot of heavy R&D. Keeping in mind of privacy, accuracy, and efficiency – the Breadware team was able to develop the electronics and connectivity to “Sam”, the device’s AWS virtual assistant.