Operational efficiency improvements, one smart hose crimper at a time.

The Brief

Gates is a multi-billion dollar organization and a global leader in fluid power and power transmission systems. Fluid Power solutions include hoses and couplings to meet a wide variety of hydraulics, industrial, and engine hose applications. Hoses and couplings must be joined together in a “crimping” process to be used in the final application. As a complete solutions provider, Gates provides crimping solutions, including crimping machines and crimper dies for various production situations (fast versus slow), size ranges (3/16” hose ID all the way up to 8” hose ID), and price points (from thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars per machine).

Gates® GC20™ with Gates® Cortex™ Intelligence takes the guesswork out of hydraulic assembly fabrication.

The Challenge

The Gates PowerCrimp PC707 crimper has been a stalwart of Gates crimper portfolio for several decades, serving as an entry-level crimper known for reliability at a cost-effective price point. To improve upon the machine’s functionality, Breadware was tasked to retrofit the machine to incorporate a modern interface, automate the calibration and maintenance of the crimper, improve the ergonomics of operating the crimper, and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the hose assembly.

Gates provided a cumbersome manual to accompany the PowerCrimp PC707 to lookup the different codes needed to crimp hoses in a specific way.

Breadware Solution

Breadware collaborated with Gates technical team as well as digital strategy and SAP-integration expert NIMBL to develop the GC20 Cortex crimper and retrofit kit. This solution respects the high-level user experience that Gates customers expect while simultaneously providing a secure, intuitive, and highly scalable IoT infrastructure that Gates will continue to build upon in delivering enhanced solutions to customers.


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