CoWorkr Occupancy Detection
Workplace Occupancy Detection

The Brief

CoWorkr’s mission is to build efficiencies into office building operations while maintaining a strict philosophy of privacy by design. As the office environment continues to evolve, the need for space utilization is at an all-time high. CoWorkr has created an analytics platform that allows businesses to maintain a truly agile workplace.

The Challenge

CoWorkr was seeing a lot of demand to know not only is a room/space occupied, but how many people are present in that space. Camera-based systems are used widely for people counting, but there are significant privacy issues that make them not acceptable for most businesses. Breadware was tasked by CoWorkr with building a people counting sensor that is easy to install and maintain and meets the privacy standards of a modern business. To meet the installation and maintenance requirements, the sensor needed to have a wireless data connection, be battery powered, and the batteries needed to last for years.

The Breadware Solution

Breadware developed a device that leverages thermal technology to preserve the anonymity of employees and safeguard the integrity of the business. To achieve maximum battery life, the traditional method of streaming images over a high bandwidth connection to a server for image processing was not an option. Breadware was able to deploy advanced AI algorithms locally on the device to determine the number of people in a space. This means that only a small amount of data needs to be sent to the server and a very low power wireless protocol could be used.