Looking to Develop a New Idea, Upgrade an Existing Device, or for Some Extra Support on a Current Project?

Breadware has the engineering expertise and resources to help your business plan, design and successfully launch IoT products – wherever you're at in the product development precess.

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How We Do It

Whether you’re wanting to develop a new idea, upgrade an existing device, or for some extra support on a current project, our expert engineers can jump in and optimize your custom product development.

Solutions Architecture

Meticulously planning all the components – from sensors, to radios, to security stacks, to cloud platforms and beyond – that will be securely integrated to achieve your vision. This solutions architecture serves as the scaffolding for each aspect of your custom IoT product.


Building early-stage prototypes with dev kits to validate your product’s technology selections and sensor capabilities. Custom circuit boards are manufactured to validate the hardware design and firmware development, delivering a beta prototype for field testing that looks and functions like the final product.

Certifications, Manufacturing, and Fulfillment

Securing the product certifications needed to get to market – whether that’s FCC or CE approval, or technology-specific certifications like Cellular Carrier and Bluetooth Certification. Then we’ll work with the right manufacturers, supply chain vendors, and will oversee your initial sample runs through full production.

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