Why Breadware

Electronics Design Reinvented

Easy-to-use. Accessible. Dedication to transparency and reliability.

Novel Design Process

Design at the module level

Use of a large pre-qualified library of parts

Design guidance from the Breadware team


Low-Risk Pricing

Payment based on quantity

No upfront design costs

Instant quotes from a variety of manufacturers


Lean and Efficient Hardware Solution

Low Risk

Low Cost

Easy and Fast

Functional Guaranteed

How does Breadware provide low-risk development?

Our development philosophy addresses the unique challenges of modern hardware product development. Breadware provides low pricing for prototype runs to help you be lean, rapid, and efficient in your development process and get you to production as seamlessly as possible.

By the Numbers

Breadware is able to provide unparalleled design pricing by placing extensive effort into creating our pre-qualified component library that sits at the core of our form design suite.

Why Breadware?

Electronics Design Reinvented

Cost Effective






The Breadware Story

Breadware was created to change the way that companies approach, design, and purchase custom electronic hardware for their devices.

Our concept was to create a platform that aligned us with our customer needs and long term goals. We have done this by combining a lean development “pay-as-you-go” pricing model with technological abstraction tools to increase the accessibility and reliability of electronics design.

Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, Breadware was launched by engineers and designers frustrated by the costs, time-frames, and roadblocks of developing custom hardware. With over 100 years of combined engineering experience spanning – electrical, firmware, mechanical, and full-stack development – the Breadware team has leveraged technical expertise to create a platform that provides unparalleled quality and speed at unprecedented prices.