Why Breadware

Reliability. Speed. Technology. The Breadware Difference

The Breadware Difference

The prevailing IoT product design process is slow, costly, and prone to failure. Breadware was born out of a need for a high-reliability product development process and rapid time-to-market timelines.

Functionality 100% Guaranteed

With Breadware’s IoT expertise and our experience with the modules in our library, we can guarantee all products we manage and design. We specialize in delivery on schedule and to specifications.

Rapid Product Development

With our expertise and powerful scheduling tools, we can give you detailed quotes and timelines – from engineered prototypes to production runs. Breadware allows for rapid time-to-manufacturing and minimum development cycles.

The Breadware development process was designed to be the solution for modern development

Accelerate Your Development

Breadware will design your product for reliability, cost, and performance while simultaneously maintaining an efficient development timeline and production ramp schedule

Confidently Build Your Product

Breadware will oversee the timely manufacturing of your product ensuring that it is fully functional and built as you envisioned – utilizing our trusted manufacturing partners or your own selected vendors.

Complete IoT Development in One Place

In addition to hardware development and and fulfillment, Breadware offers custom firmware application development and specializes in connecting hardware to the cloud through various wireless and wired protocols.

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