IoT Strategy

Success in IoT product innovation begins with harnessing connectivity with the end user in mind. Successfully implemented, you can achieve richer experience for the user while simultaneously providing greater profits and insights to your business

The right product development strategy will grant you a better product, a quicker time to market, and grow your bottom line.

We partner with you at the very beginning of your IoT product development cycle to fully understand how connectivity can provide the right solutions to your business or customer’s pain points.

Shoulder-to-shoulder we work with you to architect a max value product strategy while minimizing your time-to-market, cost-to-market, and ongoing product manufacturing costs.

Simply put, we act as an extension of your team, plugging into existing technologies or inventing new ones to produce the best results in developing your IoT products.

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Among our IoT Strategy services are:

Feasibility Study

You know there’s opportunity, but you aren’t sure how to approach the solution. We can provide market research, competitor research, budget analyses, and technology evaluations to provide you a risk analysis and ROI analysis for your proposed initiative.

Technology Consulting

There are several technologies that need to be integrated into an IoT product – from sensors, to radios, to security stacks to cloud platforms. Honing in on the technology that you will use elevates your initiative from an idea to a plan. We’ll provide a study to select the right technology that best meets the market needs, usage factors, and constraints for the product.

IoT Workshops

Do you and your team want a crash course in IoT before beginning the initiative? We provide several IoT workshops which range from technology overview lessons, to development planning workshops, brainstorming sessions, and more. These workshops are led by Breadware’s deeply experienced IoT consultants and can be hosted at your site or ours.

Meet some of your Breadware IoT strategy team

Ron Justin

Ron Justin

VP of Solutions

Ron has over 20 years of experience in product development across multiple verticals including scientific, consumer, and defense. Ron is a USPTO patent holder, 40-under-40 recipient, and a Forbes contributor on entrepreneurship.

Liz Mancuso

Liz Mancuso

NPI Manager

10+ years of experience working in a variety of industries including consumer products, automotive, industrial, and gaming. Extensive history of new product manufacturing launches at companies such as General Motors, Mattel, and Tesla.

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