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IoT is disrupting every link in the value chain, from back-end manufacturing and research to front-end marketing
IoT Product Development Process

Greater product resilience

Lower maintenance costs

Higher profit margins

Visibility into usage

Reduced product downtime

Improved productivity

Maximized asset utilization

What Can IoT do for your business?

Greater Product Resilience

By using IoT sensors in products and/or packaging, manufacturers can gain insights into the usage patterns and handling of product from multiple customers. Smart tracking mechanisms can also trace product deterioration during transit and impact of weather, road and other environment variables on the product. Moreover, if used in the final product, the IoT device can provide data about the customer sentiments on using the product. All of these inputs can later be analyzed to identify and correct quality issues.

Lower Maintenance Costs

The use of IoT sensors in manufacturing equipment enables condition-based maintenance alerts, instead of following a scheduled maintenance cycle based on historical information. Sensors can provide real-time data to you so that you can make informed decisions on if a replacement or repair is required, rather than guessing. Real-time data also allows companies to predict when equipment will fail, providing an opportunity to fix small problems before they become bigger ones.

Higher Profit Margins

With the implementation of Industrial IoT strategies – from individual sensors through to the analytics and automation available – manufacturers can make better business decisions around overall efficiency and costs. This technology drastically cuts waste from the manufacturing equation, saving time and money.

Visibility into Usage

IoT devices can be used to collect data from every piece of machinery on the floor to be tracked and managers can gain visibility into usage. This real-time data collection can provide interesting insights, such as off-hour consumption, recommendations for optimization production schedules and opportunities for savings. It can even benchmark similar pieces of equipment to determine which machines are performing better and proactively solve problems with underperforming ones.

Reduced Product Downtime

IoT Sensors can actively monitor machines and send an alert when the equipment deviates from its prescribed parameters. By ensuring the prescribed working environment for machinery, manufacturers can conserve energy, reduce costs, eliminate machine downtime and increase operational efficiency.

Improved Productivity

IoT in manufacturing can enable the monitoring of production lines starting from the refining process down to the packaging of final products. This complete monitoring of the process in (near) real-time provides scope to recommend adjustments in operations for better management of operational cost. Moreover, the close monitoring highlights lags in production thus eliminating wastes and unnecessary work in progress inventory.

Maximized Asset Utilization

IoT applications permit the monitoring of events across a supply chain. Using these systems, the inventory is tracked and traced globally on a line-item level and the users are notified of any significant deviations from the plans. This provides cross-channel visibility into inventories and managers are provided with realistic estimates of the available material, work in progress and estimated the arrival time of new materials. Ultimately this optimizes supply and reduces shared costs in the value chain.

IoT Product Development Process

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