Rapid prototyping for quick validation. Rapidly get your product concept in front of real-world users and validate key assumptions with our strategic approach to prototyping.

Building, testing, and refining prototypes ensures a more competitive product in the end.

Prototyping is about solving the biggest unknowns, upfront, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • How will users interact with the product?
  • Does the product generate the required data?
  • Is the tech stack functioning as expected?

Our in-house team of engineers, designers, and developers work in unison to quickly iterate your designs into field-ready prototypes.

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Among our Prototyping services are:

Looks-Like Prototypes

We help you rapidly iterate on the look, feel, and form of the product starting with concept sketches, moving to 3D models, and then creating physical, looks-like prototypes.

Proof-of-Concept Prototypes

We answer questions around technology, features, user interface, and unit costs by working with you to develop proof-of-concept prototypes. We’ll leverage off-the-shelf hardware and canned software to collect insight of key data you need.

Engineered Prototypes

Engineered prototypes are the first manufactured prorotypes of your product. We build engineered prototypes that are “works-like” and “looks-like” to allow you to verify all core functionalities of your product.

Meet some of your Breadware IoT prototyping team

Eric Goodman

Eric Goodman

Lead Firmware Engineer

Expert in PCB design, firmware design, digital logic and communication interfaces for connected products. 7 years IoT expertise with deep knowledge base in defense, medical, and wearable applications.

Kunal Wadhwa

Kunal Wadhwa

Firmware Engineer

Master’s in Electrical Engineering from State University of New York at Stony Brook. Specializations in Computer Architecture and System Designing. 7 years of experience writing embedded firmware for complex IoT applications.

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For decades, cinematographers have struggled to shoot from a moving vehicle. Motocrane was tired of resorting to rudimentary, back-of-the-truck filming techniques to realize their artistic visions.

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How to be Strategic about Building your IoT Prototype

“Plug it in, this time everything just might work!” is commonly spoken just before switching the power of a prototype on, only to see it catch on fire, begin convulsing, or much less spectacularly but much more commonly, do absolutely nothing.

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How the IoT Cybersecurity Improvements Act Impacts you

We’re more connected, but less secure. Internet of Things (IoT) technology is dramatically outpacing regulation. While only phones or computers were previously web-connected it’s now cars and toasters and video cameras and door locks. Many of these devices are connected without much regard for their security ramifications, so government legislation is finally catching up.

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