Accelerate hardware development by prototyping with the same components that you will use in production.

Breadware prototyping solutions enable rapid assembly of “works-like” prototypes using the same components that will eventually be part of a final product. Breadware’s customizable Hardware Development Kits (HDKs) support multiple wireless communication protocols and processor families that we feature in our core components library.

Why Prototype?


  • Slash time to market and learning curves
  • Do more with existing staff (no need to hire additional IoT, connectivity or security experts)
  • Build prototypes and run trials at a fraction of the cost
  • Avoid costly obsolescence of prototypes by using the same components as in your final product
  • Designs are open and available, allowing customers to rapidly build products based upon them.

Supported Communication Protocols

Which communication protocol is best for my project?


  1. Required Range
    • Distance between connection points
  2. Throughput
    • Type of data that needs to be sent/received and frequency of transmission
  3. Power Consumption
    • Required lifespan
  4. Topology
    • Nodes required per gateway

Other Important Considerations

  1. Security
    • Environmental requirements
  2. Accessibility
    • User access and ease-of-use

Our experienced team of engineers can help you make the right decision for your specific application. Connect with us, we are here to help.

Supported Processor Families

    • SAMD
    • AVR32
    • PIC10
    • PIC32
  • NXP
    • ARM Cortex – M0
    • ARM Cortex – M4
  • ST
    • ST10
    • STM32 F1-F7
  • Texas Instruments
    • MSP430

How to choose the best fit processor for your board?

  1. Development Environment
    • Low volume, high volume
  2. Price
    • Volume unit pricing
  3. Support
    • Application notes
    • Peer support: friends, tribal knowledge, forums
  4. Power Consumption
  5. Integrations
    • SOC that integrates with IoT cloud platform
  6. Features
    • Memory
    • Number of I/O pins
    • Number of digital interfaces
    • Package Type
    • Computation prowess

Core Library Components

To build the most valuable prototype, we highly recommend using the exact components that you will be going to production with. Check out our Core Components Library for links to our recommended parts and easy sourcing for production.