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Even when the product design and engineering are complete, there still remain many possible pitfalls as you set up a manufacturing and supply chain. This last mile of IoT product innovation entails obtaining necessary certifications, ensuring security standards are upheld, setting up tooling, selecting factory partners, and creating a scalable manufacturing process. Breadware has global connections to ensure that we set you up with the best partners to handle sourcing, manufacturing, and fulfillment.

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Among our sourcing, manufacturing, and fulfillment services are:

Product Certifications

Certifications can be obtained through self-certification (in some cases) or through undergoing compliance testing in dedicated 3rd party test labs. We’ll ensure that your product gets through the necessary certifications to get to market.

Manufacturing Setup

We’ll work with you to select and engage the right manufacturers and supply chain vendors for your product. We’ll then oversee the manufacturing ramp up – from initial sample runs to full production.


Getting the products from the manufacturer into your customer’s hands can make or break your bottom line. We’ll work to set up shipping, logistics, warehousing to ensure that you have a complete solution for your product fulfillment.

Meet some of your Breadware IoT production team

Danny deLaveaga

Daniel deLaveaga


Danny has launched a successful industrial design firm, taught subtractive Manufacturing at UC Santa Barbara, and has been a part of over 150 product development initiatives.

Liz Mancuso

Liz Mancuso

NPI Manager

10+ years of experience working in a variety of industries including consumer products, automotive, industrial, and gaming. Extensive history of new product manufacturing launches at companies such as General Motors, Mattel, and Tesla.

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