Project Definition

The Project Definition phase is the first step in the Breadware process. For projects that do not have a clear and full product specification, this phase is often the right place to start.


Feasibility Study

Review marketing research, similar products, user needs, timeline, and team to prepare a feasibility report to provide direction and technical strategy for the product development.

IoT Workshops

On-site brainstorming workshops and IoT training sessions lead by Breadware’s IoT system architecture designed to education, engage, and inform participants on the IoT product development journey.

Technical Architecture

Create a mechanical, electrical, firmware, cloud, mobile, and database architecture that best meets the market needs, usage factors, and constraints for the product.

Proof of Concept

Development of a rapid prototype, generally using off-the-shelf hardware and software, to shed light on key “gating” questions around technology, features, user interface, and unit cost.

Product Requirements Document

Create a preliminary product requirements document that clearly articulates the product look, feel, functions, and feature-set. This document becomes a blueprint to guide product development throughout the process.

A detailed Project Definition stage is essential for smooth development and a successful final product.

At the end of the Project Definition phase there will be a succinct product vision, a technical product architecture, at least one physical design concept, pricing estimates for production, and a detailed product development plan.

Featured Case Studies

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 Zyris Logo

Zyris is a U.S. registered medical device manufacturer that specializes in dentistry. Zyris’ advanced oral control technology is helping dental professionals greatly improve productivity while simultaneously enhancing patient comfort and safety.

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Variant Training Labs takes pride in providing sports training on state-of-the-art research and therapy equipment. To truly understand movement and performance, athletes need to be monitored in their natural element. To harness this insight, Variant needed to miniaturize their equipment and take it to the field.

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