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A goal without a plan is just a wish. Success in IoT product innovation doesn’t rely on strategy alone but requires air-tight tactical execution. Ensure a successful product delivery though project planning and management from beginning to end.

IoT initiatives are a choreographed dance of several disparate disciplines that need to come together seamlessly.

Did you know 80% of IoT projects get delayed in product development, this results in delays to market and usually in unexpected additional development expenses. The root of the problem is an incomplete plans from the start. We’ll work with your team to develop a clear plan and planned budget for each step of your IoT initiative.

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Among our Project Planning services are:

Product Requirements Definition

A Product Requirements Document (PRD) turns your product from a concept to a well-defined deliverable. We’ll develop a PRD clearly articulates your product’s look, feel, functions, and feature-set. This PRD becomes a blueprint to guide product development throughout your initiative

Technology Architecture

There are several technologies that need to be integrated into an IoT product – from sensors, to radios, to security stacks, to cloud platforms. We’ll prepare your technology architecture which will operate as a scaffold across each aspect of your IoT product to ensure that you have a complete project plan.

Project Budgeting

An accurate budget makes an IoT initiative run much smoother. We leverage our experience from being involved in hundreds of IoT projects to prepare an accurate and clear project budget for your initiative.

Meet some of your Breadware IoT project planning team

Eric Sanchez

Eric Sanchez

Strategic Communications Director

A seasoned technology executive that knows how to set winning IoT strategies. Eric was the founder of SweetSpot, a sports technology IoT product, which was acquired in 2016.

Ryan Oddo

Ryan Oddo

Director of Engineering

Over 10 years of experience designing IoT products with an emphasis on complex electro-mechanical system integration. Ryan leads Breadware’s cross functional team of engineers.

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