Project Case Study

Ovie Smartware

Smart tupperware fully integrated with a mobile app and Amazon Alexa

The Brief

Ovie was founded with a goal to reduce food waste. The UN estimates that one-third of all food grown is lost or wasted, an amount valued at $3 trillion. To combat this problem Ovie wanted to provide a way for consumers to easily track, remember, and use the food they have.

Ovie In Use

The Challenge

Ovie approached Breadware to create engineered prototypes of their Ovie Smarterware for CES. Breadware needed to develop, design, and manufacture functional prototypes and mechanical encasements within a tight schedule. These prototypes needed to be fully integrated with Amazon Alexa capabilities, necessitating the development of a mobile app and the corresponding cloud integrations.

Ovie Multiple Views

Breadware Solution

Breadware successfully delivered engineered prototypes in time for CES. With fully functional products Ovie was able to fully show off their products potential, allowing them to engage with potential customers and land top-tier media coverage.


Breadware worked with Ovie to develop engineered prototypes with Amazon Alexa capabilities for CES. Ovie will launch a Kickstarter campaign in Spring 2018 to help combat the global epidemic of food waste.