Optimize the performance, cost, durability, privacy, and security of your product with an experience engineering team.

Users have no patience for products that work perfectly 90% of the time. We’ll ensure your product exceeds expectations.

Our IoT engineering services are unmatched when it comes to turning an idea or concept into a new product that is secure, functions properly, and is cost-effective to manufacture. With a full in-house engineering division, we provide a cross-functional and deeply knowledgeable engineering team that ensures you get to market, fast.

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Among our Engineering services are:

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering for IoT products involves developing printed circuit boards (PCBs), power systems, sensor systems, and other electrical subsystems. We prepare the electrical designs, CAD models, and manufacturing documentation. We also have rigorous validation testing procedures to ensure that the electronics meet all criteria for the real-world use of your product.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering for IoT products involves analyzing, modeling, developing, and documenting the mechanical systems of the product. We prepare CAD models, technical drawings, material selections, and manufacturing documentation. We are set up to perform a variety of simulated and physical tests including tolerance analysis and finite element analysis.

Software/Firmware Engineering

Software in IoT products runs both at the edge (typically called firmware) and at the cloud. Secure software governs and protects the connectivity in between devices, the cloud, and any other applications that interface with the product. We develop the complete application source code and provide a rich set of documentation for your product.

Meet some of your Breadware IoT engineering team

Joe Fitzpatrick

Joe Fitzpatrick

Lead Electrical Engineer

Coming from the MSEE program at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with hundreds of electronics designs sent to production. A former Electronics Manufacturing Engineering lecturer at Cal Poly, now leading a motivated team of engineers.

Rane Gridley

Rane Gridley

Lead Full Stack Developer

Rane is a Full Stack Developer with years of experience implementing a wide range of web and mobile tools for businesses, education, and industrial applications. He leads a team of software engineers developing the next generation of IoT tech.

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