Learn and Teach the Internet of Things with the Breadware Prototype and the Education-Focused Breadware IDE

Internet of Things poses an Exciting Educational Challenge

Internet of Things ushers in new obstacles for educators as IoT expands on traditional engineering disciplines. As a result, students need to be trained on many development tools, and teachers must rewrite curricula so as to fully represent the complex interdisciplinary nature of IoT.

Breadware Toolkits provide a quick-to-learn and unified method of making end-to-end IoT projects

The Breadware™B-Line kits allow for rapid IoT prototype development. With the B-Line kit, you can make a hardware prototype, design a custom mobile app, and create a custom web dashboard. The Breadware ToolKit provides the user with any necessary tool to rapidly develop customized, practical, and connected hardware.

Advantages of the Breadware B-Line Toolkits

Modular With Breadware toolkits, you design IoT hardware from the “functional module” level rather than the component level. This allows you to quickly create functional hardware by selecting a module from the Breadware module library, or learn the fundamentals of electronics by designing your own module.

Unified The Breadware IDE unifies hardware, firmware, and software into an intuitive, object-oriented code editor. You can make prototype mobile apps and cloud dashboards through the Breadware IDE or can use the open source Breadware APIs for learning to create your own mobile apps and cloud intelligence layers to integrate with physical hardware.

Affordable At $65 for a Breadware Nano-B Board and $189 for a full Mega-B Development Kit, the Breadware B-Line is a highly cost-effective way to make an end-to-end IoT prototype, learn more about IoT, and accessibly teach development of IoT devices.

Learn and Teach IoT

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