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Everything you need to create and source custom electronics for your needs using Breadware’s intuitive platform.

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Where All of Your Electronic Design Needs Come Together

Breadware’s Design & Management Platform provides a single place to design, manage, order, program, and optimize the perfect custom electronics for your application.

Oversee Your Project’s Development

The platform continuously provides project updates such as current development stage, manufacturing status, supply chain report, and component availability. Emails are sent to notify you when different phases of the project have been completed.

Speed Up Your Product Development

Breadware’s growing Module Library is comprised of top-tier IoT components that our engineers have tested and prequalified allowing us to have quick turnaround times and avoid costly design reruns.

Your Product, As You Envisioned It

The platform gives you substantial control over the parts of your product that you know best: from getting the design just right, to hardware and software optimization, to selecting the appropriate suppliers and manufacturers for production.

Interactive Project Quotes

Start the Breadware development process with a product consultation to define project requirements and scope. Our engineers then input the specifications into the Platform and provide you with a detailed and interactive project quote.

Free Detailed Quote

Free detailed quotes are provided before project start

CAD Models

Downloadable CAD models available with every quote

Receive Quotes in 48 Hours

Our standardized quoting process allows us to quickly and accurately provide project quotes

Accurate Project Schedule

Quotes contain detailed information of the project’s development schedule

Breadware Expertise

Our engineers work with you to ensure quotes reflect the product you envision

Component Specifications

Quotes include details of the exact components that will be used in your project

Track the Progress of your Project

Every quote includes a detailed development schedule with weekly updates. Your project’s development can be tracked through our platform from the moment you receive a quote. You will receive continuous updates on your project’s PCB design, manufacturing, firmware development, and its final testing phase.

If you have any questions, you can rest assured, our highly skilled and experienced engineers are here to help.

Firmware Integrations

The Breadware Platform allows you to submit RFQs for custom firmware development for your product. Through the platform, you purchase firmware packages, receive industry-standard firmware documentation, and have access to a full revision history of your firmware.

Test Firmware

We guarantee the functionality of every PCB Board we make. Each board comes with test firmware preloaded to verify the functionality of the board.

Request New Firmware

If you need new firmware for your project, you can submit an RFQ for custom firmware development through the platform.

Update Firmware

Updating your project’s firmware is easy with Breadware. You can download the newest version or Breadware can set up your product for over-the-air programming (OTA).

Firmware History

The Breadware Platform keeps track of all your of your firmware versions, allowing you to re-download anyone at anytime.

Global Manufacturing Options

With manufacturing options all around the world, you can choose one suited to your production needs. Through the Breadware Platform, you can choose your manufacturer based on quantity, cost, lead times, and personal preferences.

The Platform delivers a fast and reliable experience from the first prototype manufacturing run, to setting up the production supply chain for mass manufacturing. We are able to effectively control the supply chain and reduce manufacturing times.

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