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The award-winning Breadware Solutions team is fueled by products with purpose and, working with startups to Fortune 100s, has been part of some of the most important and ambitious connected products over the years.

Firmware Integrations

Our Differentiators

We only do IoT product development

Our projects are typically on a firm-fixed bid basis, no retainers with unclear finish lines

Our team has all the IoT engineering disciplines (electrical, software, mechanical, firmware, cloud, industrial) in-house, as employees

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Your product is unique and your company is unique. We can assist with all or part of your project to best fit your needs


Breadware is trusted by over 150 industry-leading companies around the world.

Breadware Solutions Team Overview

Within the Internet of Things, the Breadware Solution team focuses on the “Things”. The Breadware Solutions team comprises experts in all the disciplines to build physical connected products.

  • Solution Architecture

  • Project Management

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Embedded Firmware

  • Industrial Design

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Design for Manufacturing

  • IoT Security

  • Product Certifications

Our Process

Depending on your needs, join us for all or part of our development process.

  • Product Definition


    Product specifications, requirements documentation, development plan

  • Engineered Prototype


    Functional prototype ready for “alpha” field testing

  • Proof of Design


    Final prototype ready for “beta” field testing

  • New Product Introduction


    Production of new connected product that’s ready for launch

AKI Labs logo

“We approached Breadware to develop some Bluetooth firmware within a pretty demanding time frame, and they delivered bug-free work on time, on budget. It required a minimum of tweaks to optimize it, and it has performed flawlessly over tens of thousands of test cycles. You cannot ask for more than that.”

Cleveland Motley – CEO, Pinger

Featured Success Stories

Our clients are building cutting-edge, meaningful, and successful products.

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 TrackR Logo

TrackR is a small Bluetooth tracking device that can provide you piece of mind when clipped onto things like keys that tend to go missing. TrackR needed to maintain and organize all aspects of a typical IoT product such as its mobile application, cloud integrations, hardware components, and the software on its hardware.

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Ovie logo

Americans waste 31 million pounds of food every year. In aggregate this costs families around $2,000 and wastes precious environmental resources. To help solve this problem, Ovie worked with Breadware to create Ovie Smarterware.

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Variant Labs logo

Variant Training Labs takes pride in providing sports training on state-of-the-art research and therapy equipment. To truly understand movement and performance, athletes need to be monitored in their natural element. To harness this insight, Variant needed to miniaturize their equipment and take it to the field.

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Isolite Systems logo

Isolite Systems is a U.S. registered medical device manufacturer that specializes in dentistry. Isolite Systems’ advanced oral control technology is helping dental professionals greatly improve productivity while simultaneously enhancing patient comfort and safety.

Working Together

We help companies increase productivity, improve customer experience, and gain competitive advantage. Let’s see what we can do together.

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