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Traditional product development processes won’t work in this new era of IoT product development which entails hardware, software, networking, cloud services, certifications, manufacturing, and more. Breadware helps companies define their IoT initiatives, find the best-fit resources for the job, and manage product development.

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Project Definition

Successfully adding IoT to your product lines can be rewarding but getting started can be challenging.

Breadware works collaboratively with you to evaluate available technologies. Together we determine how they can augment your product lines to create new experiences for your users.

In the Project Definition Phase, Breadware will prepare concept designs, timelines, and budgets for your new product so that you can proceed with confidence.

Engineered Prototype

Engineered Prototype

Once a plan is developed, it’s time to turn your vision into something physical: an engineered prototype.

An engineered prototype allows the testing of various design features, from verifying functionality and eliciting feedback to identifying issues as early as possible.

Breadware provides functional prototypes, and puts them in your hands, ready for alpha testing. Depending on your needs these can come with mechanical encasements, prototype mobile applications, and simple cloud integrations.

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“Breadware does a great job of letting you prototype your ideas and making your dreams a reality when it comes to creating a product. We can start with something really large and broad and Breadware helps us narrow down the process to create a finalized product.”

Lucas Miller – Laboratory Director, Variant Training Labs

Proof of Design

Proof of Design

After alpha testing, it’s time to do a pilot. The Proof of Design phase results in cosmetic, fully-functional product units that look and behave as your final production units are intended.

The Proof of Design phase allows you to collect valuable data from a wider user base and verify (before investing in the production ramp) that the product is delivering the value to users that you hoped it would.

Product Introduction

Product Introduction

Before you can formally launch your new product, the manufacturing supply chain needs to be set up and your product needs to be ramped through NPI (New Product Introduction).

In the Product Introduction phase, Breadware will oversee and manage the testing, quality plan, and IP protection of setting up your product in a manufacturing supply chain. In addition, Breadware will ensure that your product has all required certifications necessary for it to go to market.

Launching a new IoT product can be complicated. Breadware’s focus is to ensure your product is successful and built as you envisioned.

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Breadware works with leaders in the Connected Economy who are pioneering innovative new products and businesses.

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