Accelerate IoT prototype development with the Breadware B-Line kits

Breadware provides an intuitive and affordable method of making end-to-end IoT prototypes. With Breadware’s B-Line kits you can easily build custom hardware configuration, design a mobile app and create a web dashboard that fits your needs.

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Strategize Your Build

Prototyping a connected IoT device requires a clear understanding of how each component and layer will interact. Breadware’s modularized Goals-Constraints-Modules methodology helps developers map out their device before embarking on their build.

The Breadware Prototyping Platform

The Breadware IDE is a single location to build your full IoT prototype.
Mega-B functionality

The Mega-B is the most powerful member of the Bread™B-Line prototyping family. The Mega-B Bread™Board is a Bluetooth LE 4.2 development kit for quickly building, testing, and iterating on your Internet of Things (IoT) concept.

The kit contains input, output, and sensor modules that are all plug-and-play allowing for extremely rapid and clean prototyping. With the Bread™B-Line you can also create a mobile app that interacts with your IoT concept, easily connect 3rd party modules, and integrate with cloud services. The kit can be programmed through our online platform, Breadware IDE, or with the Arduino IDE.

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Dive In

Buy a Breadware B-Line kit and explore the board selection of prototyping modules in the Breadware Prototype store. Use the Breadware IDE to rapidly write the firmware and mobile app to interact with your board.

Mega-B Development Kit Breadware IDE
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Breadware in Education

Learn and teach concepts in the Internet of Things using the Breadware B-Line kits and Breadware IDE.

Download example Breadware IoT labs from our curriculum. Contact sales if you’re interested in learning more about how Breadware may be able to set-up a curriculum in your institution.

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