Ready to Reduce the Time and Risk of Developing on IoT Product With the Slice Board?

A simple product integration that brings advanced connectivity capabilities to new or existing devices.

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Quickly develop your secure, innovative solution that’s backed with expert technical support and scalable with the evolution of your product.

How We Do It

The Slice is designed with built-in, pre-certified components to expedite the testing and prototyping phases of development.

Built-in Connectivity Modules

Once added to a product, the Slice can quickly establish or expand WiFi, Bluetooth, or cellular connectivity thanks to its built-in modules like the ESP 32.

Built-in Security

The Slice circuit board is designed with built-in security measures that protect your company’s connections, data, and brand against hackers and other digital threats.

Pre-Certified Components

Certain components of the Slice circuit board have been pre-certified by the FCC, reducing the amount of testing (and dollars!) needed to obtain the product certifications required for market-readiness.

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