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When you think of Motorola, is there a specific product that comes to mind?

No — catchy jingle, “Hello Moto,” doesn’t count as a product. We’re talking about the iconic Motorola Razr. Despite the anticipation of a new, ridiculously expensive model release sometime in 2019, we’re going to talk about the iconic first version of 2004 — a sleek and ergonomic design for a flip phone with a big name in nostalgic phone models.

The development of the Razr was a huge triumph for Motorola, allowing the company to finally escape the shadow of their fierce competitor, Nokia. One of our professional partners, Tadd Scarpelli, owner of Field Theory Inc, played an important role in the story of the Razr’s design.

Scarpelli became involved in the project engineering after winning a competition created by Roger Jellicoe, a veteran Motorola engineer. Jellicoe had devised that an antenna could be placed in the mouthpiece of the Razr — instead of on top. It was a technical challenge that Jellicoe knew was going to be daunting, so he posed a competition amongst multiple engineers. In the end, Scarpelli achieved the best design and joined the project.

By the summer of 2006, Motorola had sold over 50 million Razrs.

Forbes journalist, Adam Lashinsky, interviewed Scarpelli in his article, “RAZR’S edge: How a team of engineers and designers defied Motorola’s own rules to create the cellphone that revived their company”about the overwhelming achievement of the product’s design.

“Even when we were sitting in the room waiting to be called in, nobody was really quite sure what was going to happen.” said Scarpelli.

Scarpelli and the team received a standing ovation from the executives upon walking into the boardroom, and were offered stock options.

“It was surreal,” said Scarpelli.

Scarpelli founded Field Theory Inc in 2009, and has since provided antenna customization and IoT solutions for small businesses and large corporations including Verizon.

Visit www.fieldtheoryinc.com to contact professional antenna engineers to integrate RF solutions into your product development.