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Meet Our Leadership Team

Daniel Price, Co-Founder and CEO

Daniel Price

Co-Founder and CEO

Daniel Price co-founded Breadware with Danny deLaveaga. Daniel brings a deep background of technology leadership and product design. As an industry leader in IoT business transformation strategy, Daniel works with enterprises to set up and implement their IoT adoption strategy. When not connecting new product lines to the internet, Daniel enjoys snowboarding, hiking, and climbing with his wife and dog.

Daniel deLaveaga, Co-Founder and COO

Daniel deLaveaga

Co-Founder and COO

Danny deLaveaga co-founded Breadware with Daniel Price. Danny comes from a product design background with deep mechanical engineering and subtractive manufacturing expertise. Danny has influenced and been involved in the full product development and deployment of over 18 products currently in the market and is a co-inventor on 4 patents.

Sam Dolan, Chief Technology Officer

Sam Dolan

Chief Technology Officer

Sam is the Chief Technology Officer he has over 15 years of experience in building, end-to-end solutions for startups and established companies. Sam uses his extensive engineering experience to develop cutting-edge software solutions for clients and Internet of Things software tools. Sam spends his free time researching the latest technologies and hanging out with his three dogs Ed, Bosco and Leia.

Larry Crapo, VP of Business Development

Larry Crapo

VP of Business Development

Larry is responsible for developing mutually beneficial partnerships and opportunities. Larry has been a presenter at numerous technical conferences and seminars and has authored numerous articles for slick and digital publications. When he isn’t working you can find him working on his classic car and tinkering with airplanes with his wife and son.

Ron Justin, Director of Enterprise IoT Solutions

Ron Justin

VP of Enterprise Solutions

Ron started with Breadware as a technical advisor in 2017 and traded in that role to be on the front line for enterprise clients and their challenging problems. Ron has over 18 years of hands-on product development for government, industrial, scientific, and consumer markets. Outside of work Ron can be found mountain biking, golfing, and snowboarding in the Sierra Nevadas.

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