December 2019 Newsletter: 20/20 Going into 2020


December 19, 2019



As 2019 comes to an end, we’d like to thank you for your opportunities, partnerships, and business, and wish you a warm holiday season. We’d also like to highlight some of our biggest successes this year to inspire your 2020 IoT initiatives.


We wanted to take a moment to reflect, celebrate, and share some of the particularly groundbreaking successes we’ve had the privilege to be a part of over the summer. We trust you’ll find these examples amusing, some of them surprising, and all of them insightful as to how businesses are competing with new products and business models in the world of IoT.


Operational Efficiency Improvements, One Smart Hose Crimper at a Time


Gates PowerCrimp PC707 crimper has been a stalwart of Gates crimper portfolio for several decades, serving as an entry-level crimper known for reliability at a cost-effective price point. Last week Gates announced a new entry-level crimper – the GC20™ crimper with Gates® Cortex™ Intelligence. The new web-enabled Gates e-crimper comes with a touch screen, a simple user interface, a real-time directory of all possible hoses and fittings with the associated crimp specifications, as well as a number of other new features. Relative to the old PC707 crimper, the GC20 leverages a modern interface to enhance the safety and quality associated with making hose assemblies, provides training for new operators, automates the calibration and maintenance of the crimper, improves the ergonomics of operating the crimper, and enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of hose assembly. Not only did Gates launch a new crimper, but they also announced a retrofit kit to upgrade the 40,000+ PC707 crimpers actively in use to the GC20 Cortex technology.


Breadware collaborated with Gates technical team as well as digital strategy and SAP-integration expert NIMBL to develop the GC20 Cortex crimper and retrofit kit. This solution respects the high-level user experience that Gates customers expect while simultaneously providing a secure, intuitive, and highly scalable IoT infrastructure that Gates will continue to build upon in delivering enhanced solutions to customers.


Shine Bathroom CEO Interview


Fresh off of their wildly successful Indiegogo campaign for their revolutionary bathroom product, we caught up with Shine’s CEO, Chris Herbert, to talk about his product and his experience with collaborating with Breadware for his product’s cloud connectivity and electronics. Shine recently raised almost a half million dollars in pre-orders for their self-cleaning and water waste minimizing toilet retrofit kit. We couldn’t be prouder! Checkout the case study here: Shine Bathroom


Industrial Strength Bluetooth Range and Control


Many of us rely on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to exchange data and content from our smartphones to nearby devices such as smart speakers and smartwatches. The fairly new BLE 5.0 specification is now enabling industrial applications as well with its extended range, higher speed, and 8x more connectionless data broadcasting message capacity. We recently travelled out to the Waterjet Technology Association’s annual trade show in New Orleans to help show off some of our latest work with StoneAge Waterblast Tools and BLE 5. We updated a proprietary radio that was known to have a complex pairing process to allow for faster pairing between a remote control and an industrial maintenance robot. We accomplished this with an industrial strength BLE 5 module that not only simplified pairing, but also increased range. Featured in this video is the Engineering Manager of Robotics at StoneAge and our President of Services to tell you more about it.


We’re CES Ready!


Bigger and more epic every year, CES 2020 in Las Vegas starts on Tuesday, January 7th, and we’ll be there as usual to support our customers and check out the latest IoT trends. If you’re planning to go and want to talk about your next IoT initiative, reach out and let’s schedule a meeting!

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