October 2019 Newsletter: Toilet-Cleaning Terror & Sweet Partnerships


October 30, 2019


As businesses the world over find compelling reasons to create and connect new products to the internet, the lives of those of us here at Breadware have gone from busy to busier. It’s an honor to work with the amazing companies that we do. Our customers have big ideas, phenomenal teams, and massive opportunities if they get their IoT initiatives right. We relish the challenge of helping our customers achieve their audacious IoT goals.


We wanted to take a moment to reflect, celebrate, and share some of the particularly groundbreaking successes we’ve had the privilege to be a part of over the summer. We trust you’ll find these examples amusing, some of them surprising, and all of them insightful as to how businesses are competing with new products and business models in the world of IoT.


Are you ready for the smart bathroom?


The bathroom hasn’t changed in the last 100 years – until now. Shine has introduced an automated toilet cleaning and predictive maintenance system that aims to transform our bathroom experience. While the premise of adding IoT connectivity to the bathroom might strike many as bizarre, converts are quickly being made by those who get to interact with the Shine Bathroom Assistant that routinely cleans itself, deodorizes your bathroom, and monitors for leaks.

No more getting down and dirty with your toilet.

The Shine toilet is your personalized bathroom maid and caretaker. Breadware has been involved as Shine’s IoT engineering partner from day 1. Working hand-in-hand with the Shine team and the world-renowned Whipsaw industrial design team, Breadware performed R&D, prototyping, testing, and build-out of Shine’s MVP units.

The Shine MVP toilet units included hands-free cleaning, active water intelligence, Alexa-enablement, app-managed automation, and AWS connectivity. For those still uncertain if they are ready for the smart bathroom, you can check out the Shine Bathroom in action for yourself at Shine’s Indiegogo campaign, which funded in less than one day. Their campaign is closing this week so get in while you can.


Accelerating the Future of Hospitality and Gaming Technology


We’re especially excited to be a new partner of Black Fire Innovation™, an integrated resort and casino innovation lab built via a unique collaboration between Caesars Entertainment and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.


Operating as the IoT General Contractor for the project, we will be featuring products and technologies from our partners and clients in the brand new flagship tech hub inside of the Harry Reid Research and Technology Park.

Monetizing Parking More Easily with “ParkSight” Cameras


Americans spend an average of 17 hours per year looking for a parking spot. Vade Group has a computer vision based solution to help reduce that time and help municipalities and businesses increase revenue in the process.


To help achieve this, they approached Breadware to design and build their ParkSight camera, a rugged and solar powered 720p camera with a cellular link that transmits still images to their AWS back-end at least once per minute.


The camera system is one of our strongest engineering achievements to date and we can’t wait to see them popping up at Vade’s customer sites.


Interrupt MedTech LA Highlights


Breadware’s Los Angeles Interrupt MedTech Summit just wrapped with standing-room-only attendance. For those interested in the future of medical devices and connectivity, the summit was focused on highly practical topics of how to plan for, build, and succeed with an IoT medical device. Industry leaders from UFC, Anthem Blue Cross, Children’s Hospital LA, and several spoke at the event.

CTIP Partnership


The Center for Technology and Innovation for Pediatrics (CTIP) and Breadware recently have partnered up to provide IoT engineering support to businesses building smart/connected medical products. CTIP is a non-dilutive pediatric medtech accelerator located in Los Angeles. To any company building a medical device for pediatrics, reach out to us and we’ll help prepare you to receive up to $100k in non-dilutive investment and services from CTIP.

Stop By and Say Hello


Come visit us at the upcoming IoT Tech Expo in Santa Clara November 13-14. We will be exhibiting and have a handful of free tickets we can give out to our partners and friends. For any “Late”-birds that are interested in attending and don’t have a ticket yet, touch base with us and we’ll get you one of ours.

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