The truth is — anyone who tells you they’ve got IoT all figured out is lying. While no one can “know it all”, Breadware is the most complete resource for all things related to product development and the Internet of Things (IoT).

We’ve selected pieces that answer the biggest questions you may have about IoT product development and put them in one place:

The basics: What is IoT?

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In a simple sentence, IoT means any device or product that is connected to the Internet. Our article answering the question, “What is IoT?” outlines the basics of the Internet of Things, clarifying confusing jargon (i.e. “Smart” vs “Connected” vs “IoT” products) and explaining the benefit of IoT for businesses and consumers.

How can YOU use it?

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The Internet of Things is making an impact on virtually any industry you could imagine. If your company uses the internet, IoT is going to be of use. We’ve put together 50 IoT Applications & Examples to inspire and illustrate the versatility of IoT technology.

How much will it cost (in time and money)?

IoT projects are complex, making it difficult to estimate cost and timeline without having built a proof-of-concept. Breadware developed a tool intended to alleviate this stress. Read more about Breadware’s free, online IoT Product Development Estimator Tool, and use it yourself in only 5 to 10 minutes!

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Need technical advice?

Breadware’s extensive network of experts allows us to be a product development resource in a variety of technical dimensions. A great place to start for technical advice is our “Expert of Things” interview with Tempest House, outlining 7 technical tips for architecting an IoT product.

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If these questions don’t cover the topics you want to know about IoT — don’t worry, we have more resources. Check out our IoT Marketplace to explore all of design and development resources we’ve vetted for you – or visit our full blog site for info on topics from the promise of smart bathrooms to the stages of IoT app development.