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Free, easy-to-use tool to give you costs and timeline estimates for your IoT product in 5-10 minutes.

It is with utmost excitement that I announce the launch of our newest product, the Breadware IoT Product Development Estimator!

At Breadware we strive to constantly lower the barrier to entry for companies looking to get into IoT. We do this by providing information, resources, and tools to help build and successfully launch IoT products. The Breadware Development Estimator directly addresses primary challenges faced as individuals begin their IoT development initiative. Determining “How much is this project going to cost me?” and “How long will it take me?”. Without answers to these questions, planning can’t be done effectively – budgets are a roll of the dice and product release dates are hopeful guesses. These important details are answered in 5-10 minutes with our Estimator tool. Know your numbers and get a head start in your product development with Breadware!

Alongside my excitement is the very real dose of nervousness that comes with the launch of any new product. The Breadware Development Estimator is the first of its kind for IoT products. We have designed it to be informative, helpful, and enjoyable, and I truly believe it will be. I also know that it has plenty of room to grow. Therefore, I’d like to formally invite and encourage you to share your thoughts with us. Our goal is to build this tool into the best it can be, and that is only possible with your feedback.


The Breadware Development Estimator is a free-to-use, online tool. The Estimator comprises an intuitive set of about 20 questions spanning the following areas: overall design, electrical hardware design, enclosure/encasement design, firmware development. Upon completion, the Estimator will immediately provide an engineering cost, a development timeline, and a breakout of key disciplines required at each stage of your product development. The numbers given by the estimator are intended to be helpful for planning and budgeting, but do bear in mind that they are estimates not formal development quotes. If you are looking for formal development quotes, Breadware can help you acquire quotes from a variety of great IoT engineering and development service providers.


Breadware is a recognized and trusted name in IoT with a mission to enable the next wave of internet innovation by providing information, inspiration, and simplification at the IoT frontier. We have found that one of the areas that teams struggle with the most in an IoT initiative is right at the beginning. There is a classic chicken-and-egg problem that comes into play. Using conventional processes, IoT projects are so complex it is not possible to estimate the overall cost/timeline of development effectively until after a proof-of-concept has been built. However, often to get funding/budget approval to build a proof-of-concept, teams need to provide an estimate of the overall cost/timeline of the initiative. But they can’t do that accurately until they’ve built a proof-of-concept. And so it goes… As a result, many IoT initiatives get filibustered into a state of limbo before they even get a chance to truly get started.

It is our hope that the Breadware Development Estimator will change this paradigm and be able to put forward the critical information and confidence required by teams to get started with IoT products. Further, the Estimator highlights specific engineering/development disciplines that will be required in the IoT initiative to assist companies in selecting “best-fit” technology partners to work with.


The Breadware Development Estimator is for all those developing new IoT products – a startup founder with an idea, a small industrious team getting ready to build a prototype, or a burgeoning corporation keen to build a new intelligent version of one of their existing product lines. The Estimator is carefully designed to be a balance between thoroughness and ease-to-use. The questions cover many facets of product development and may even spark new ideas as you think through avenues that you perhaps had not yet considered. However, the Estimator does not get too technical. There are no specific engineering/development skill sets required to use the Estimator, you simply need a clear understanding of what you want your product to be and the tool will help guide you to it.


Check out the new Breadware IoT Product Development Estimator Tool here:


Daniel Price

Breadware CEO