Enabling the Connected Economy

Breadware enables companies to upgrade their product lines into the connected world of IoT.

Connected Economy

The Modern Product is Intelligent

Products have evolved. Consumer expectations have changed. Connected products are establishing new ways for companies to learn from, interact with, and delight their users.
  • By 2020, IoT Technology will be in 95% of electronics for new product designs

  • More than 2/3rds of consumers plan to buy connected tech for their homes by 2019

  • 52% of companies believe their revenue is under threat of digital disruption

Breadware helps brands reinvent their products for the modern world

Breadware provides a turnkey product development solution for companies launching IoT initiatives.
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  • Full Transparency & Assurance
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“Breadware does a great job of letting you prototype your ideas and making your dreams a reality when it comes to creating a product. We can start with something really large and broad and Breadware helps us narrow down the process to create a finalized product.”

Lucas Miller – Laboratory Director, Variant Training Labs

Customers and Partners

Breadware works with leaders in the Connected Economy who are pioneering innovative new products and businesses.

Working Together

We help companies increase productivity, improve customer experience, and gain competitive advantage. Let’s see what we can do together.

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